How To Wake Up

Having trouble waking up?

I had the exact same problem, i hated waking up early, and working early hours didn’t help. I work in a factory that makes sound proof tiles, and they have us working insane shifts like 7am to 7pm, or 7pm to 7am, it’s a joke!

Easy Secrets To Help You Wake Up.

And because all my body clocks were messed up i never seemed to get any sleep and when i did, oh boy did i want to stay in bed. I hated getting up and feeling exhausted every single day! Wasn’t fun for me or the people around me as i turned into a grumpy old git! Dragging everyone's mood down with me, i don’t know how they came into work all happy and fully awake, and there me with one eye shut and the other barely opened, i was jealous! That they felt great and i didn’t.

But now 2 weeks later and I’m feeling like a million dollars when i wake up, even if i have 6 hours or less sleep, i feel more awake and fresh than i did before, it’s crazy! All i did was follow some simple and easy steps, and by the time you know it i was up and ready for work half an hour before i needed to be, which gave me time to have a little breakfast, which put me in an even greater mood!

Even people i worked with said that i was looking a lot better, and to tell you the truth, they actually started to enjoy my company again. And I’m not going to lie to you, but i think I’m the happiest one their now! In 2 weeks I’ve managed to change my life around, and with it everything seems to be going well.

I feel more productive than ever! I’ve done more things in the past 2 weeks then i did in the past 2 years, imagine that! I bet you’ve got little things on the side you'd like to do but never have the time or feel like it. I guarantee that will change and you to will become more proactive in your life.

I’ve also got a girlfriend now, which before i never had time for, or couldn’t be arsed to put the effort in. I know lazy right….

Now I feel FANTASTIC!! And things can only get better from here.

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