How To Be Funny

How I Became The Funny Guy!

Since i was at university i found out that a lot of people tend to get along better with people who are funny, as for me i wasn’t that funny, i was the one who if you asked me to tell you a joke, i had no jokes what so  ever. This made me less popular than other students.

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I hated this so i decided to take this comedy class which was a barrel of laughs, but it was more just having a laugh rather than teaching me how to be funny all the time. The internet didn’t help as much as i would have hoped; there was nothing on how to be funny at all. All i wanted to do was impress some friends and maybe a few other people i met recently with a couple of jokes, so i thought i might as well, find some jokes and start from there to see where it would lead me to. After a week or so i had a good collection of jokes in my head ready for when some asked me if i had one, I’d be like Oh Yeah!

How To Kiss Women

Growing up i always found it hard to attract women, and the ones who were attracted with me, after one kiss i never seemed to see them again. It’s my life story i never seemed to be able to keep hold of women after a kiss, it was painful especially seeing my mates go through countless women all craving for them again and again.

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I knew it was my kiss that was my down fall, but i never wanted to ask my mates on how to kiss, they would have thought i was weird or something. and i never dare asked the girls i already kissed because i knew i was bad but i didn’t want to hear it from them, it will make me feel even worse.

So i started looking anywhere i could about all the information i could find on kissing, i must have read over 20 books about the subject, but still i felt like the women hated me kissing them. They could tell that i wasn’t confident either about the whole kissing scenario.

How To Wake Up

Having trouble waking up?

I had the exact same problem, i hated waking up early, and working early hours didn’t help. I work in a factory that makes sound proof tiles, and they have us working insane shifts like 7am to 7pm, or 7pm to 7am, it’s a joke!

Easy Secrets To Help You Wake Up.

And because all my body clocks were messed up i never seemed to get any sleep and when i did, oh boy did i want to stay in bed. I hated getting up and feeling exhausted every single day! Wasn’t fun for me or the people around me as i turned into a grumpy old git! Dragging everyone's mood down with me, i don’t know how they came into work all happy and fully awake, and there me with one eye shut and the other barely opened, i was jealous! That they felt great and i didn’t.

How To Kiss

Ever Had Trouble Kissing The Opposite Sex?

I have and i am not a shammed to admit it. Every time i started to get close to a girl out came the nervousness which prevented me from kissing them. Once the nerves hit i became scared thinking that she would either laugh in my face, or think i had bad breath but then the scariest thought came into my head..... What if she tells others that i can’t kiss!  

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I knew i wasn’t the only one thinking this; other people in the world go through this type of thing. But i didn’t want to take the chance so i started doing research on the internet, looking up 'How to kiss' in Google. But i had no luck there was never nothing to help me improve on my kissing. Because of this i was back to square one. 

6 months later i started to see this girl, who i fancied BIG TIME! Everything was going great till one night we got comfy on the couch and watched a romantic film. Bad choice i know. Half way through the film we started to get a bit touchy with each other which would only lead to one place….the kissing. As soon as she leaned in for the kiss with her eyes closed, all those crazy thoughts came straight back into my head. 

How To Get Your Ex Back

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How To Gain Six Pack Abs Fast

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Is Truth About Six Pack Abs a Scam or Not?

To be honest when I first came across this eBook I really didn’t expect it to be anything great, but for some reason I decided to look it up on Google, finding out what other customers thought about it. This at the time seemed like a very good idea but the only sites that I could find were sites that don’t tell you anything instead there all pressuring you into buying the product. After countless nights searching Google for a review that I could read, getting a clear understanding of how this product works which in the end never happened.

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How To Diet and Lose Weight


I want to be the first to tell you how this amazing product helped me from hating myself, that it gave me the confidence i needed to go out and enjoy life!. All throughout my child hood i was what some might say 'chubby', i knew this myself but i just kept eating when i got back home after school as i needed comforting as i got picked on for being over-weight and still did till i actually got up and said 'I need to change my life around'. I know that it can get you down and stop you having fun, trust me I’ve been there.

         Until recently when i came across 'The Diet Solution' it told me that most diets on the market now are just scams that try to get you to buy their products implying that this is what you need to lose weight nothing else will work. I’m going to tell you know that is a load of rubbish, the diet solution has information that will encourage you to eat what you want and feel good about yourself and your body. There is no need to eat food that you don’t like or think what is the point in this.