How To Kiss Women

Growing up i always found it hard to attract women, and the ones who were attracted with me, after one kiss i never seemed to see them again. It’s my life story i never seemed to be able to keep hold of women after a kiss, it was painful especially seeing my mates go through countless women all craving for them again and again.

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I knew it was my kiss that was my down fall, but i never wanted to ask my mates on how to kiss, they would have thought i was weird or something. and i never dare asked the girls i already kissed because i knew i was bad but i didn’t want to hear it from them, it will make me feel even worse.

So i started looking anywhere i could about all the information i could find on kissing, i must have read over 20 books about the subject, but still i felt like the women hated me kissing them. They could tell that i wasn’t confident either about the whole kissing scenario.

And for some reason i started getting depressed about the whole thing, thinking I’m going to be alone for a long time. This got worse and worse as the days went on, till i actually got the courage to ask one of my close mates how he learnt to kiss and if he had any tips for me.
at first i thought it was a bad idea to ask him, but he didn’t laugh in my face like a thought he would, instead he gave me some tips and advice on the whole thing which i have to say helped greatly towards my confidence.

Ever since that talk I’ve become a new person, my whole posture has changed which apparently helps to attract girls, as they look for most confident guy in a group of lads, which i never knew! They don’t teach you that in high school.

now I’m a pro at kissing the women, it’s easier then i thought, i was trying way to hard before, which was getting me more and more stressed when kissing didn’t have to be that hard. Just like my mates I’m able to have the women crumple at my feet with just a single kiss, crazy now i think of how far I’ve come.

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