How To Be Funny

How I Became The Funny Guy!

Since i was at university i found out that a lot of people tend to get along better with people who are funny, as for me i wasn’t that funny, i was the one who if you asked me to tell you a joke, i had no jokes what so  ever. This made me less popular than other students.

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I hated this so i decided to take this comedy class which was a barrel of laughs, but it was more just having a laugh rather than teaching me how to be funny all the time. The internet didn’t help as much as i would have hoped; there was nothing on how to be funny at all. All i wanted to do was impress some friends and maybe a few other people i met recently with a couple of jokes, so i thought i might as well, find some jokes and start from there to see where it would lead me to. After a week or so i had a good collection of jokes in my head ready for when some asked me if i had one, I’d be like Oh Yeah!

After a few weeks, i managed to figure out what jokes work better than others, and started testing my theory to see what got the best reactions, once i had done this, i could tell people were warming to me more quickly than previously.
I don’t know what is it but people love a funny guy, maybe it’s because laughter is the best medicine, who knows?

And now because of my success in becoming funnier, even girls are starting to be more attracted to me. They say sometimes that’s the way to a girl’s heart, making them laugh. At this point i thought things could only get better and they did. A lot BETTER!

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